Improving sites for ease of construction and overall performance

Using our fifty plus years of ground engineering and construction experience we provide our clients full-service temporary construction and permanent site dewatering. DBM’s managers, engineers, technicians and field personnel combine their technical knowledge and experience to solve any dewatering problems encountered by its clients. Our dewatering services include the highest quality site evaluation, system installation and operation to facilitate safe construction and ground stabilization.

When evaluating a site our dewatering personnel study and evaluate the following factors:

  • Geotechnical investigation report
  • Grain size analysis and permeability tests
  • Stratification and permeability of the ground
  • Area hydrology
  • Topography
  • Space limitations of the site and surrounding structures
  • Projected method of excavation and excavation support (if any)
  • Proposed structure type
  • Construction schedule

DBM provides the appropriate dewatering/ground stabilization method using the following techniques and systems:

  • Well Points
  • Ejector Systems
  • Vacuum Wells
  • Vacuum Pumping/Sumping
  • Deep Wells
  • Vertical Gravel/Sand Drains
  • Horizontal Drains/Hydraugers

Dewatering Equipment Rentals

DBM fabricates its own dewatering equipment. The well point and hydrauger systems are made with heavy grade PVC with quick coupling assemblies. The deep well and ejector well systems are custom designed and fabricated for each particular project.

DBM offers its clients dewatering and pumping equipment on a rental basis. The equipment is continually maintained in a like-new condition and includes:

  • Conventional and multi-stage well points systems with complementing pumps
  • Vacuum-well systems
  • Ejector systems
  • Well screens and casing with a complete selection of well accessories
  • Electrical submersible turbine pumps
  • Jetting systems
  • Suction hoses, low-pressure discharge and high pressure jet hoses
  • Pipe fittings and couplings
  • Pumps available with either electric motor or diesel engine drive

Field Supervision

A successful dewatering system is far more than the sum of its component parts. Incorrectly assembled, inadequately maintained or improperly installed systems are very expensive and can sometimes produce catastrophic results. As a complement to its high quality equipment and site evaluation services, experienced DBM dewatering field technicians are available to install, operate and maintain our dewatering systems.